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Thread: Live Feed Discussion

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    Live Feed Discussion

    I've always wanted to see the first night when everyone moves in the house so I've been glued to the feeds since they came up

    WORK at Jason being the first one to say something about the sisters. He was alone looking at the memory wall and talking to himself he said "Are Morgan and Alex the same person? Because they look like it in these photos"

    Justin is so entertaining and he's growing on me by the minute. Shelby is a queen. The house is full of Texas girls. I'm happy!

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    So I read there'll be daily recap episodes, is this true? Sort of like BB UK? If anyone sees any links for these hit me up!

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    All the guys are sleeping in the same room together except Jason .... I see where this is going already.

    ETA: Justin didn't wanna sleep with a guy so he left the room. Then it took the others (Cornbread, Scott, Monte, Shane) about 10 min to form an alliance and talk about nominating 2 girls. Monte said a coed alliance would never work.

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    ouch, Monte seems like a big douchey. too bad he's the only hottie this season.
    so this will nearly be impossible to watch w/o the livestream I guess?

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    They just got a bottle and a note that says "Only one may drink. Expect the unexpected"

    They think it has to do with the HOH. Production hasn't told them anything yet so they are just going to try to figure it out themselves. Of course Shane jumped right up and drank it.

    ...Now some voice came over the speaker and said "SHANE YOU'VE BEEN INFECTED, GET TO THE DIARY ROOM"

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    I watched all last night with them coming in and here are my thots (from just last night);

    Alex is cute but meh
    Danielle has potential but she's too reserved rn; very zakiyah-esque (so far)
    Jason is super loud and adorable again
    Justin's diction is annoying; his "yo" and **** after every sentence is going to get irritating. He walked in with his dress shirt half buttoned; he clearly thinks he has some swagger
    Kryssie's hilarious
    Michael-- who's michael? OH cornbread; i like him, very chicken george esque
    Monte is pretty basic
    Morgan -- i like her more than alex but they're basically the same people. I see morgan getting in a showmance with shane or monte
    Neeley's hilarious and kryssie and her are like besties so far; they've already stated they have girl crushes for one another
    Scott's endearing but so was steve at the start, i dont care for him
    Shane is suckish; literally, he seemed so depressed UNTIL MONTE WALKED IN
    Shelby's loud in small groups and has potential to be good but she's very quite in big groups.. Strange. She's gorgeous tho
    Whitney's voice is kinda grating, she's too ottp

    My favorites are Jason, Kryssie, and Neeley
    Least favorites - MONTE AND SHANE... But mostly Shane.

    Candice x Rosie

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    This HOH is fierce

    Shane is "infected" with the BB bug and can't win HOH. When an alarm sounds, he'll "infect" another person who can't win. Alarms will periodically sound until one person is left uninfected. It's going to last until tomorrow.

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    omg so excited for this. Love the sound of the HOH. forgot it was coming on already so I have to catch up.

    As soon as I saw Shane and Monte, I knew they would be the ones to potentially **** things up.

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    This sounds kinda fierce tbh. It's about time BB tried some new things..


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    So far Shane infected Danielle and Danielle infected Justin (Justin volunteered).

    ETA: Aww, Shelby is now infected.

    Infection chain:
    Shane - Danielle - Justin - Shelby - Scott - Neeley - Kryssie - Morgan

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    Looks like there's a plan to make Monte HOH and have Jason as the first target.

    Literally my worst nightmare.

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    Nice, BB: OTT is starting off great!

    I mean, I've noticed that seasons that start of good and progressively worsen are usually upon the worst seasons in relatively all BB seasons, whereas ones that start off shitty and get better are the overall best ones, so hopefully that's the case with this season.. Doubtful, but I'll retain my hope. Anything can be better than last season, honestly.

    ETA: Alex, Cornbread, Jason, Monte, and Whitney are left vying for first HoH.
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    Candice x Rosie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    Looks like there's a plan to make Monte HOH and have Jason as the first target.

    Literally my worst nightmare.
    .................................................CBS please don't let this happen~~~~

    BB: OTT • Whitney • Morgan • Shelby
    ANTM 23 • Kyle • Tash • Cody • Courtney • Paige

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    Alex and Whitney are working with the 4 nasty guys alliance.

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    Saw that coming.

    Whitney is literally Nicole Franzel 2.0, just with a more obnoxious voice.

    Candice x Rosie

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    Jason convinced Morgan not to infect him. He kept saying he knew he was going to be first to go, etc. She told Monte she doesn't want America to hate her so she doesn't wanna give it to him. She's thinking about giving it to Whitney though who will definitely give it to Jason. Let's hope Jason gives it to Monte, but I think he'll give to Cornbread.


    I REALLY love the late night crew of Jason, Justin, Shelby, and Kryssie. They are really funny and have good conversations and make fun of the other flop people in the house. I'm devastated that these will probably be the first people to leave (along with Neeley).

    Shelby was just mocking Whitney and the other girls saying "I just need a man to make all my decisions for me! I don't know how to make choices!" <333333333 Now Kryssie and Justin are doing scary country accents mocking Whitney


    Scott was sitting completely silent listening to the late night crew talk massive **** and a little strategy for hours. He'll run straight to Monte with the info the first chance he gets. He didn't even say one word the whole time so the others should have known to stop talking. Jason's damn big mouth needs to be quiet in front of the shadies.




    They just made an alliance called OTT Jamboree (Shelby, Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Scott)

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    Shelby did her job of keeping all the non-infected people except Jason near Morgan this morning. Morgan just infected Cornbread.


    Scott actually might be trying to play both sides. He didn't tell Shane very much of what was said last night, but he did tell him a little.

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    Well, Monte won HoH.

    Candice x Rosie

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