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    Bye Bye Monte


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    Shelby and Jason both had incorrect guesses and are out of the running for HOH.

    Scott is out now too.

    ETA: Everyone guessed wrong and the time limit ran out so they are all back in the running.

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    Scott is HOH

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    Scott won HOH.

    According to what he told Monte, he's putting up Neeley and Kryssie with a possible backdoor Shane option.

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    Glad Monte is out personally. He was a latent racist, delusional and I didn't care for him.

    The Plastics are Top 4 on Joker's right now. Based on some discussions on r/bigbrother, I definitely feel like some viewers are beginning to resent LNJ and that America's influence is basically giving them the upper hand in the game even though the other side has won all 3 HoHs. I think things are looking like LNJ will take a hit this week and I hope it makes the HGs feel less sure about what America is thinking.

    I'm sensing that Danielle, Shane or Kryssie will be America's Nominee and honestly I'm on board with The Plastics surviving this week hopefully at least to keep things divided and interesting as opposed to LNJ steamrolling.

    I sort of feel bad that Scott is HoH on the week where the Pick-a-Veto will happen.

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    Hating them because America is voting for them is such a dumb reason. There are plenty of other reasons to hate Danielle, Shane, and Kryssie though. I knew a power shift was coming based on how Danielle and Kryssie have been acting and the way Jokers has been moving this week. Danielle is a straight up brat and will get a huge reality check this week I think. If America does put her up, then the girls might go against Scott's noms and vote her out because they will have the votes this week if 3 of the Jamboree are up.

    I feel like the Have Nots will be Danielle, Shane, and Kryssie and the noms will be Kryssie, Danielle, and Neeley :X Scott prefers Shane backdoor or Neeley as target but I know the girls will fight to get Danielle out. Third time's a charm.

    The 4 girls of the Plastics officially named themselves the Ball Smashers. If Monte had stayed, they were going to be the Babysitters Club cause they always had to babysit him and watch what he was saying

    (I think the only reason the Plastics were top 4 was because it was the start of a new day. Justin is still holding onto his top 4 spot. Jason has moved below it for now, but I think he'll go back up if he behaves himself).

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    Oops jk, looks like Scott may want to just put up Shane as an initial nom this week and not a backdoor. I'm VERY down for Shane leaving Watch this be the season where all the guys leave first

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    Bye Monte! Yay the plastics getting some love, I don't get why everybody loves the other side. Danielle, Shane and Jason are very cocky.

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    I'm here for an all-girl Top 7 + Justin and Jason

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    I'm down for Shane leaving. Hopefully Scott is next. I'm so down with this Jamboree slayage, like let this be the only season of BB where the showmances and buff guys lose. They don't win HOHs but things have been going their way which is cool with me.

    I dunno who to give America's Care Package to. Basically I'm anti Plastics (minus Shelby my problematic fave) and Shane and Scott.

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    I'm not sure who to vote either. I'm considering Neeley because it's something that won't put a huge target on her if she's not holding the veto. She'll just decide which veto will be in play. It might be hard getting it to Neeley though.

    Justin and Alex are #1 and 2 on Jokers and I really don't want them to get it. I don't want Justin to get it because I think he'll do better with one of the later ones. And I don't want Alex with it because I don't want her to think she's justified in any stupid thing she did or said last week and that America loves her. Blech, sorry I just really can't stand how smart she thinks she is when she misses huge key parts of the game and is really pretty dull. I did like her vote that threw everyone off last week but I don't think that means she deserves to be #2 forever.

    Uggh maybe I'll just throw my votes to Justin to prevent Alex from getting it.

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    From what I've seen there are campaigns for Neeley, Scott and Shane this week for the package

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruspat View Post
    I'm here for an all-girl Top 7 + Justin and Jason
    Yes ma'am.


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    Apparently Whitney was cast for season 18 but she declined because she had stuff to do at home over the summer. I can't imagine her with that cast.

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    The Jason and his alliances are getting cockier .. I really hope one of them can gtfo~


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    It looks like Justin is slowly morphing into a Plastic He's been spending more time with them and less time with the Jamboree. At first I thought he was just protecting himself because they keep getting HOH, but now he's starting to **** talk the Jamboree here and there He still loves Jason though.

    There was also an awkward confrontation with him and Danielle last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    Apparently Whitney was cast for season 18 but she declined because she had stuff to do at home over the summer. I can't imagine her with that cast.
    Really? The dullest of the cast - would've problaby been the first girl to be sent packing in that season.

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    I guess someone's campaign worked.

    I think he'll pick the Diamond Power of Veto since he obviously doesn't want both Shane and Danielle to come down off the block.

    I guess the double veto could come in handy though because that gives them an extra chance to remove America's nominee and only have 2 people on the block on Wednesday. They don't know America's nominee will probably be from the Jamboree yet though.

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