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    Shane keeps getting soooo close, I'm freaking out every time because the next time he gets the 30 hole, he can win veto.

    After round 10, Shane has 30, Danielle has 40, Alex has 30, Shelby has 20, everyone else 0. Shelby just bought the punishment costume (since it's less bad than some of the other punishments)

    After round 11, Shane has 60, Danielle has 40, Alex has 30, Scott/Monte have 0.

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    SHANE JUST WON VETO!!!!!!!!!

    Shelby - golf caddy costume
    Monte - can't play next veto
    Alex - disadvantage in the next HOH she plays
    Danielle - has to fish golf balls out of the pool for a week every time BB tells her to
    Scott - has to spend 24 hours in the backyard, can only take bathroom breaks, has to ask other houseguests for food and water

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    Morgan is smart and has figured out the only way to save Monte is to put Scott up. She's going to talk to Alex about it now.


    Danielle just had a screaming fit at Monte.

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    I couldn't really get into the season... Are there full episodes I can watch?

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    There's only been one ep so far since it's just one a week. The next one will be Wednesday. I think the link to the ep should be in the video thread in this forum.


    The feeds have been sooooooo good today. There's been nonstop strategizing all day

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    I like the plastics tbh. I Hope they send Scott home!

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    Alex won't put Scott up because she doesn't want to do what the other side is asking (they said they'd vote Scott out if she puts him up but they are really voting Monte either way).

    Shane and Danielle did very naughty things last night. I need one of them to go soon so I don't have to witness that again.

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    Shane used the veto on himself and Alex put up Kryssie in his place.

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    Live DRs:


    • wants America to vote Danielle or Kryssie this week (begs America)
    • happy with her noms because she didn't back down to the other side
    • took the disadvantage in HOH punishment because she doesn't want to be seen as a comp threat
    • shouts out her toothless cat Zoe


    • being nominated again made her realize she can never make deals with that side of the house
    • has grown closer to the late night Jamboree this week
    • thanks America for nominating Monte
    • regrets the punishment she took in the veto comp
    • wants to win the next HOH; will always want it and never throw
    • plans to try to swing a vote this week so she can stay in the house


    • trying to divide his time among all the houseguests and keep the peace right now
    • thanks America for putting up Monte because he's a real negative cat
    • isn't going for the next HOH so he can let other people get blood on their hands
    • wants to try to play a fair game and keep his mouth shut as much as possible


    • wants Monte out even though they are still "bros"
    • planning to try to get Scott's vote in the last hour before the live eviction tomorrow
    • thanks America for putting up Monte
    • has never and will never talk game to Alex; thinks her game plan was not smart
    • admits he's being two faced with Monte but has realized Monte isn't a good friend in this house
    • wants HOH because he really wants Skittles
    • realized this week he should never get on Danielle's bad side because she's feisty


    • says his game was blown up this week
    • has all the faith in the world in Alex
    • wants to get back in good with Jason and Justin to keep his name off the direct target list
    • wants America to take out Danielle tomorrow
    • says Danielle has been misrepresenting Monte as a bigot
    • wants to win the next HOH because half the house hates him
    • says Dr. Will didn't win the game by having everyone love him, he just had a few trusted people and that's what he wants


    • says hi to production then remembers they aren't there
    • is pissed at the other side of the house right now for their noms, but will continue to befriend them again after tomorrow
    • wanted to work with Monte down the road, but has to vote him out now because she can't vote out Danielle or Kryssie
    • preferred Shane to remain on the block and maybe leave over Monte
    • wants to be more careful to not show her emotions as much; her biggest regret is her lack of a poker face
    • thanks America for keeping her "side" safe so far


    • says her strategy since she entered the game has been to get Jason out but that changed after she got to know everyone and her new strategy is to go after the showmance
    • is going all in for the next HOH competition
    • thinks true colors are starting to come out
    • has no regrets this week; does not regret calling Danielle out for sticking her tongue out at Monte during the veto comp
    • wants America to be on her side (along with Alex, Morgan, Shelby); thinks it would be a game changer if Danielle is voted out tomorrow


    • raps about saving Monte and voting Danielle out
    • would enjoy watching people beg to her if she gets HOH
    • is getting really tight with Alex, Morgan, and Whitney


    • thanks America for making the right choices this week
    • wants to win HOH and come out as a comp threat
    • thinks the other side is mad because America likes her
    • thinks Alex is as big of a snake as Scott
    • says her one regret is trying to play nice with Alex this week


    • feels so grateful to America for helping his side out
    • thinks Alex made her move a little too soon in the game but it has made his side more solid with Shane and Danielle
    • has been snatching Shelby's wig all week
    • thinks the next HOH is crucial
    • has no regrets this week, just choices; is the same person he has always been and will remain constant
    • wants America to snatch Monte's wig this week; says America is the 6th member of the midnight Jamboree


    • has confidence that the house and America will keep the right person in
    • is happy Danielle didn't win veto
    • would love to win the next HOH
    • rants for 5 minutes about petty people (Danielle) and womanizers (Justin) in the house


    • wants America to vote Danielle this week if they want to see a game being played instead of just the side of the house that stays up late pick off the other side
    • complains Danielle has eaten all the Have Not pickles and chocolate milk
    • says she will twerk in the splits and won't put Jason up if America votes Danielle
    • thinks Monte is a great guy but needs to shut his mouth sometimes
    • is tired of the night crew running the house
    • wants the next HOH but would prefer one of her allies gets it so she can lay low
    • does a cheer to get Danielle out "VOTE DANIELLE SO OUR HOUSE ISN'T HELL!"

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    Do not get the plastics appeal

    Praying Monte leaves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    does a cheer to get Danielle out "VOTE DANIELLE SO OUR HOUSE ISN'T HELL!"
    But yet, didn't them all accuse Monte of bigotry?

    Candice x Rosie

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    WHEN ARE THESE GD DRS???? I have yet to see ONE and it is so jarring watching BB without DRs.

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    Jason said they cast Monte as a PR stunt to make Paulie look normal

    Quote Originally Posted by Infiniti View Post
    WHEN ARE THESE GD DRS???? I have yet to see ONE and it is so jarring watching BB without DRs.
    Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm Pacific

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    I love the camera people this season <3

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    I'm so tired of showmances, Danielle and Shane can go

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    Shelby GODDESS just teared up while talking to Jason about Monte leaving (she thinks there's a chance he's staying but doesn't want Jason to know) then the second Jason left, she wiped her tears and smiled at the cameras like she was fake crying

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    Quote Originally Posted by nextmodel22 View Post
    I'm so tired of showmances, Danielle and Shane can go
    Eeeeeek the last time we had a showmance between a Shane and a Danielle it basically cost us Britney so I'm not here for this foolishness.

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    Monte is gone (5-4 vote... America, Shane, Justin, Jason, Neeley voted him out)

    HOH in 10 minutes

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