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    big brother house
    neeley ftw i guess???

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    JUSTIN JUSTIN <3 .. I love him !


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    Prayer circle for Justin

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    Justin's out

    Monte whispering "thank god" under his breath

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    go Neeley!

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    Neeley dropped.

    Alex is HOH :/

    Based on Alex's DR yesterday, her noms will probably be Shane and Danielle. America will nom Monte and he'll likely leave unless he gets removed with veto. The only problem will be Neeley's vote because she loves Monte, as does Scott :X

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    MESS. I'm out for this week. America better pull through

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    Why dont you guys vote Morgan ? I mean, she should evict her sister.


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    Scott confirmed he's back with the other side and will do whatever Alex wants this week. If Monte is America's nom, Jason HAS to make sure to get Neeley to vote against him somehow.

    Monte is so annoying He tried telling Alex her noms right away when they were still in the backyard I think Alex is gonna do what she wants to though.

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    Voting just opened for America's Care Package:

    Julie just told the houseguests that everyone may only receive one care package but if it gets to a point where everyone remaining has received one, then they will all be eligible again.

    WEEK 1: Save-A-Friend
    WEEK 2: Pick-A-Veto - winner gets to pick if the veto this week will be Diamond, Double (two vetoes awared), or Boomerant (be able to use veto twice)
    WEEK 3: The Safety Servant - wins safety but has to be the HOHs servant and follow every command from BB
    WEEK 4: Eliminate Three Eviction Votes
    WEEK 5: Co-HOH
    WEEK 6: Double Eviction Veto - no veto comp in the double evic; winner of this care package will have veto
    WEEK 7: The Final Four Challenge - complete a challenge to earn a spot in final 4

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    I picked Justin this week, to conserve power for others. I feel good about Justin not saving someone from the Confederate alliance

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    I'm not sure I like how powerful these care packages are this season. They're going to end up being way too intrusive and potentially interfere with some really great strategic moves.
    The Chosen One 2 - Photoshoot #4 Voting Open!

    Follow this link to vote:

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    big brother house
    the pick-a-veto package sounds legitimately insane... its safe to say that the hoh is literally not going to be in power next week.

    anyways the sisters are absolute trash. they better get slayed asap.

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    What's up with the Sister doesn't want to trust each other entering the game? Do they have conflict or something?


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    I cast a vote for 4 different people before finally deciding to use all my remaining votes on Justin. Jason is his closest person and likely who he'd use it on. I also kinda don't want Justin to win though because he's more in danger than Jason this week as a backdoor option and I think Justin would do better with one of the later packages. He HATES Monte and will be sure to make Monte suffer no matter what


    The Plastics are upset because Justin got naked while changing in front of Morgan tonight Monte was livid because that's his girl

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    I just want that rat Scott as a have-not every week

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    Yeah, the Monte side of the house is on to him though and they don't trust him. They just need his vote this week so they can't do anything.

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    Kryssie got the first care package.

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