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    They're doing their swimsuit photos on the feeds. It's so weird seeing other people in the backyard.

    The photographer had to tell Shelby no whining allowed

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    I'm afraid Monte is considering Shelby instead of Kryssie now because most of the house is hating Shelby Kryssie is being really annoying and complainy though so it's going to be a toss up. Morgan/Alex/Whitney don't want Shelby up though so hopefully they can convince Monte not to (Morgan has slept with Monte for the past 2 nights and they are closer now).

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    Jason used the veto on himself, Kryssie is the replacement nom.

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    Morgan is having a hard time convincing Monte to vote Danielle out in case of a tie so it looks like their votes will go to Kryssie this week. Monte said he would vote Danielle out next week though because he does want her to go. He just doesn't want to make a blatant move against Shane out in the open.

    ETA: Now Whitney and Morgan double teamed Monte and semi convinced him to vote out Danielle in a tie. He's very reluctant but said he'd do it if he had to....

    ETA: Now they just devised a plan to make Shane think they're going after Kryssie so Shane's vote can go that way. Then Cornbread will only have 4 votes and Danielle will have 5 and Monte won't have to break a tie.

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    morgan and whitney can choke tbh~

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    Jason and Monte are kinda making nice. Jason said he wouldn't hold the nom against him and Monte said he won't put him up next time he's HOH.

    Looks like Jason could be safe for a few weeks but Shelby and Justin will be in trouble if the wrong people get HOH.

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    Funny how most of the targets are 2 Black Women, A Black male, a gay guy, a bi girl and a queen. yet we have all these southerners having each other's backs no matter what they say OR do

    They need to realize that America is voting for the winner here so why would they go against what america nominated.

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    Scott is going to vote with the Jason people and try to get Cornbread out. This week might work out afterall

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    I dont trust Scott.

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    Live DRs - Week 1

    - Shane wants to take out Whitney or Morgan if he gets HOH in the next few weeks
    - Shane seems to be swaying more away from the Monte side and towards the Jason side (but he's still loyal to Monte and won't go against him anytime soon, he just doesn't like the girls Monte is surrounding himself with. He plans to go against Monte maybe week 6 or 7)
    - Shane doesn't really want the next HOH but will try his best in the comp

    - Neeley's strategy in the house is dumbing herself down
    - Neeley is most loyal to Kryssie, Jason, and Danielle .. next would be Monte but she's closer to the others
    - Neeley says Shelby can kick a rock; she's too much of an aggressive player
    - Neeley wants to break up the "get 'em girls" (Whitney, Alex, Morgan)

    - Justin is most loyal to Jason because he keeps it real and they "click clack" like they've been friends forever
    - Justin doesn't like Shelby because she creates bad blood and she's fake
    - Justin's targets are Shelby and Monte
    - Justin thinks he's okay if he doesn't win the next HOH

    - Whitney's most loyal to Monte
    - Whitney dislikes Danielle the most in the house because she is running the other side of the house
    - Whitney's targets are Jason and Danielle
    - Whitney thinks it's crucial to win the next HOH

    - Monte is most closely aligned with Shane, Whitney, and Morgan
    - Monte has no respect for Justin and hates all of his stories about women
    - Monte wants Shane, Whitney, Morgan, Scott, or Alex to win HOH.. does NOT want Justin or Jason to win HOH
    - Monte would give himself an 8/10 on scheming and 6.5/10 on execution for his HOH reign
    - Monte thinks he has established himself as someone with power and people listen to him whether he's HOH or not

    - Jason is most loyal to Danielle.. he knows Kryssie has been there for him but she's a time bomb and bad for his game
    - Jason says he doesn't like anyone in the house because last time he liked too many people; people are growing on him but they're all really fake
    - Jason wants to play less of a loyal game than he did last time; he doesn't want to go down on anyone's ship
    - Jason feels like he needs to win the next HOH; wants to take hardcore shots and nominate someone with a really sassy speech

    - Morgan didn't expect to be working with her sister; had expected to be working with mostly guys instead
    - Morgan doesn't know how she feels about the group of four girls that they have
    - Morgan really trusts Monte but wants to break up his bromance with Shane
    - Morgan feels close to Neeley even though they aren't working together
    - Morgan doesn't like Danielle and doesn't trust her; thinks she and Shane are dangerous together
    - Morgan will nominate Justin and Danielle if she gets HOH
    - Morgan isn't that obsessed with putting on makeup but keeps doing it to look different from Alex
    - Morgan will do whatever she can to further herself, even if that means breaking ties with her sister
    - Morgan wants to win the next HOH 100% and will knock Danielle out if she does

    - Scott came into the house wanting to win as many comps as possible to prove his loyalty
    - Scott thinks Cornbread is a loose cannon and doesn't plan to keep him around much longer
    - Scott is currently aligned with Monte, Shane, and Cornbread .. he's also loosely aligned with Jason and tried to help him out before the veto
    - Scott is most loyal to Alex
    - Scott's top four people in the house in order are Alex - Shane - Monte - Jason
    - Scott is emotionally in a bad place in the game because of certain racist comments Cornbread has been making
    - Scott wants to win the upcoming HOH because Monte could be in hot water after this chaotic week; also doesn't want to be seen as an easy out
    - Scott thinks Justin is the biggest threat in the house
    - Scott thinks Danielle flipped the house in a matter of hours so thinks she's a huge threat and distraction to Shane
    - Scott likes Shelby a lot and thinks she could be beneficial to his game because no one else in the house likes her

    - Shelby's strategy coming into the house was to lay low and throw comps but she got really bored the first night and wanted to strategize so she's been doing the exact opposite
    - Shelby is most loyal to the Plastics but she still likes Scott and wants to work with Jason
    - Shelby doesn't like anyone who watches Harry Potter but doesn't read Harry Potter *coughcough* DANIELLE (also thinks Danielle is prettier than her so she has to go)
    - Shelby doesn't have any crushes because she doesn't vibe with Monte, Justin already told her his penis was too big for her and would kill her, and Shane's taken
    - Shelby's high point was Jason winning the veto
    - Shelby wants to win HOH because she thinks the girls will be the target next week
    - Shelby will call alliances in as a group and call people out on talking **** about her if she gets HOH

    - Alex thinks Justin is the only one onto her and her sister
    - Alex didn't expect to align with her sister, but ironically she's the only one she trusts right now
    - Alex is willing to screw over her sister if she needs to
    - Alex felt most connected to the Southern people at first but thinks that alliance has disintegrated
    - Alex trusted Scott until she had a conversation with him a couple hours ago and could tell her wasn't telling her everything
    - Alex trusts Whitney for the most part
    - Alex doesn't like Danielle because their personalities clash
    - Alex's main targets are Danielle and Shane to break up the showmance
    - Alex thinks she'll leave if she's not the next HOH; thinks she will be a target for being a superfan

    - Kryssie was hoping for a bodybuilder to be in the house that she could bond with and the only strong male in the house (Monte) is not at all like her so that went out the window
    - Kryssie says Jason is her ride or die and trusts only him
    - Kryssie thinks Shelby is trash
    - Kryssie's only strategy right now is to make it through tomorrow
    - Kryssie doesn't want to appear as a huge threat but wants to appear that she gives a crap and wants to be there
    - Kryssie will lie to people's faces if it means she gets to stay

    - Cornbread is most loyal to Scott
    - Cornbread is working with Jason secretly to have something later on
    - Cornbread has learned every HOH is important so he wants to win the next one to control who he wants to get out of the house
    - Cornbread thinks America put him up because they like him but wanted to challenge him and he accepted the challenge

    - Danielle's two biggest connections are Jason and Shane
    - Danielle is aligned with Jason, Shane, Justin, Neeley, Kryssie and most loyal to Shane and Jason
    - Danielle likes the late night crew the best, especially Jason
    - Danielle thinks she's a bigger power in the house than fans may think
    - Danielle's high point was Jason winning the veto
    - Danielle wants to win HOH next week and thinks it would be an easy week because there are already lines drawn in the sand
    - Danielle also wants HOH because she wants MORE SNACKS
    - Danielle will be surprised if Cornbread doesn't go home and even more surprised if she does go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    - Cornbread thinks America put him up because they like him but wanted to challenge him and he accepted the challenge
    the delusion . The plastics are Morgan, Alex, Whitney and Shelby?

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    Yes, those are the plastics Shelby gave them that name the first night when she was making fun of them then she joined them the next day

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    In one breath Danielle said she'd drop Shane if he wasn't behind making Monte a target, DRAGGED Paulie and Zakiyah, and called Monte a snake. I love her. "Zakiyah is a bootleg me" "America you better put up Monte, best believe!"

    ​I'm living my life, hope you feel alright

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    So it looks like Cornbread is leaving for sure tomorrow. Jason is going to mislead the Plastics and others though and just say he's voting Kryssie.

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    LMAO. I thought everyone in there LOVES Cornbread and I thought he was in so much power before he got nominated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1331nj View Post
    LMAO. I thought everyone in there LOVES Cornbread and I thought he was in so much power before he got nominated.
    This house changes so fast I swear All of a sudden Shane is team Justin and Jason when he was hardcore all about that dude's alliance created on the first night that didn't include either of them. All alliances that were formed have already broken up


    PHEW THANK GOD! The Jason group decided it's a waste to get Shelby out since so many people want her out.

    Shane is down for going after Monte next week :X

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    These people are a MESS.

    I live.

    Candice x Rosie

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    I find it so hard to listen to their conversations because everyone talks over the top over each other

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