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Thread: RPDR-AS2 Discussion Episode 5 : Revenge Of The Queens

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    I srsly can't stop rewatching last 5 minutes of the episode.

    The best 5 minutes of this show.

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    Amazing ending. I'm so happy that both Tati and Alyssa came back. Phi Phi definitely showed her true colors tonight (it was hilarious that her final complaint was that Roxxxy had been in the bottom more since she was complaining about Alyssa making that argument), although I really wish that Roxxxy had gone home because that was just painful.
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    This top 6 is AMAZING, all stank queens are gone.
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    I just loved how Tati wore white and Alyssa wore black.

    Truly SLAYED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleopatra2011 View Post
    I just loved how Tati wore white and Alyssa wore black.

    Truly SLAYED.
    omg, yeah. it's like they're yin & yang. wow.

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    What a perfect episode. Wish that I hadn't done pilates beforehand because my poor abs were hurting from laughing so much and then from getting excited at that perfect lipsync and then from getting so happy at the return of both Tati and Alyssa. But it was worth it, though!

    Alaska really solidified herself as the smartest player with this challenge. Also even though Roxxxy has far overstayed her welcome at this point, I don't really mind her staying because she's such eye candy. Though I do think it's her time to go next.

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    This episode is an all-time great, OMG. The drama, challenge, lipsync, and outcome were SO on-point. And Ru bringing Tatianna AND Alyssa back while allowing them to kick Phi Phi to the curb?

    I can say with no recency bias that this season is probably shaping up to be the best ever.
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    **** WHAT AN EPISODE! WHAT A SEASON! It's just all so ****ing flawless I can't even comprehend it

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    I have a LOT to say about this episode!
    Lets start off with the mirror 'sequence' with the facecracks, that was so unexpected and I love how they made seperate entrances into the workroom again.
    The outfits they wore for the 2 in 1 looks: 1. Cocita (Even if it was just a jacket, it's the best she's ever looked) 2. Alyssa (We've already seen it though, still my bae) 3. Tatianna (Definitely a good reveal, just not the most exciting) 4. Ginger (That was just painful to watch, the thing didn't even hit the floor and it look basic before AND after).
    My thoughts on the teams, I expected Alyssa/Alaska and Ginger/Katya to slay, which they did and for me were the best with a close call from Detox/Tatianna, but I wasn't mad at their win. I saw the Roxxxy solo act as just a cover-up for Adore's quitting, and a total set up for Roxxxy not being a comedy queen.
    On the performances themselves, I was underwhelmed tbh, I expected them to be funnier and I was more intrigued in identifying the queens in the audience in some performances.
    As far as the runway looks go, I loved Detox's and Tatianna's matching looks, and the hair looked great as well. Alaska looked a little basic but the makeup was fabulous. Alyssa was slaying me as well! Roxxxy had my favorite makeup, but the look left a lot to be desired, although stunning... Coco actually had my favorite look, mainly because it made her body look stunning and padded to the gods! Phi Phi looked a mess, although it was the plan, I didn't like it as a runway look itself. Katya and Ginger looked good, nothing special to see there though.
    I agreed with the bottom and with the top 2 all stars of the week. The lip sync was one I was waiting for all season, a Rihanna song, and I was waiting for this song in particular for some reason! I'm happy Alyssa performed it, as I think her and Coco are the best lipsyncers in history of the show. Tatianna was just as good as Alyssa though, Alyssa just caught my eye a little more with those ridiculous split tricks! For me the second best lip sync of the season, which says alot, all of the lip syncs being amazing this season!
    They deserved the double shantay's, and I loved the twist with the opportunity to eliminate 2 queens. I would've liked to see them both go though, but I was pleased with how it turned out having more episodes. Iconic exit from Phi Phi making her very last drama though, and the car quote had me rolling! A very good episode this was!

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    This episode was EVERYTHING.Lovely comebacks+elimination <3

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    The only way this episode would've been better was if Roxxxy had been sent home with Phi Phi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanuatu86 View Post
    The only way this episode would've been better was if Roxxxy had been sent home with Phi Phi.
    I actually like Roxxxy a lot this season. She's not invisible and she's likable.

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    It's ironic that Phi Phi presented the best look of the season, yet she left wearing that crazy make up and messy ass outfit while everyone else at least looked decent. I guess it's all editing.......right?
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    That lipsync is very fierce and glam! Everything about it works!

    It reminds me of Madonna and Britney on VMA.

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    I haven't rewatched last 10 minutes of any RTV episode as I have with this one.

    This episode is really THE BEST in Drag Race HEYSTORY.

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