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Thread: Ken McNickle

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    Ken McNickle

    Name: Ken McNickle
    Age: 33
    Current residence: Denver, CO
    Occupation: Model
    Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X)

    Three words to describe you: Driven, mindful, and perceptive.
    Hobbies: Anything outdoors (i.e. hiking, camping and fishing), playing and watching music, and dancing.
    Pet peeves: Superficial connections and communication.
    What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer?
    It's a generation of hard workers who were on the cusp of some incredible social, political and technological shifts. We are competent and capable in the “new world” yet are happy outside, while disconnected from our devices.

    Personal claim to fame:
    The development of my non-profit, HumaneKind

    Inspiration in life:
    I admire the Dalai Lama's compassion, wisdom with forgiveness, and willingness to give of himself.

    If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
    A ukulele to play and sing with; a good book because I love inspiring literature; and a frisbee because no one is ever down throwing one around.

    Survivor contestant you're most like:
    Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific) because of his easy temperament, his fierce competitiveness, his resourcefulness, and knowledge of how to survive in the wild. Also, he seems idealistic and optimistic, in general.

    Reason for being on Survivor:
    To win! To show my daughter my strengths and what it looks like to fight for something.

    Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?
    I have the outdoor skills and physical attributes to be an asset to those around me, and I understand and read people well enough to know where to position myself.

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    He's going to control his tribe. I feel it


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    He talks to the camera like Paulie does (lmao he even does the same occasional hand gestures). Gross af but he's hot.

    Candice x Rosie

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    He was hot until he opened his mouth.

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    Reminds me of LJ :I

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    Ugh his vid content is soo cringey
    hes dull,DULLLL

    hes hot af though
    and his voice is soo sexy

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    hes gonna align the worst people of the gen xs. hot af tho.

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    I think his voice is annoying af lmao -- and then how he talks out the side of his mouth. Raging.

    He is also literally the exact image I see when I think of Mr Grey. And anything associated with Fifty Shades of Grey makes me uncomfortable.

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    I do not mind his voice. I don't love it, but I think he sounds fine?

    But did not realize 33 makes you a Gen X-er. LOL. I guess these cut-offs are pretty arbitrary.
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    ^They always assembled the cast first before deciding on a theme so it ended up like this

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    he's hot af and he'll reach the merge for sure

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    Please win or at least finale I can look at him Garett got robbed of going further for eye candy please, don't rob him xD

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    Where is his accent from? Is it because of his speech impediment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zentrius. View Post
    hes gonna align the worst people of the gen xs. hot af tho.
    SO WRONG. But thank god at the same time

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    Um...he is perfect. His personality is actually becoming hotter than his already super handsome self.
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    that fishing segment... dear lord...

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