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Thread: Tatianna

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    I think Tati is probably my favorite this season, but she really did the worst in Snatch Game.
    I could see Roxxy being in B3 in a regular season, but Tati will still be B2 in any other season because her Ariana Grande was way too boring.

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    She belonged on the first All Stars season. I was, and I'm still surprised she wasn't in the cast. She would've added so much more to the show as well with so many different storylines like meeting Juju after not speaking to her for two years after she "betrayed her", the potential Raven Vs. Tati 2.0, and the growth storyline which was not present in the first season.

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    Please be the comeback!

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    Flawlessly coming back <3

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    FLAWLESS comeback ♥ She and Detox IMO did do the best of the week and that lipsync with Alyssa was FLAWLESSS

    Plus as always Tati always calls it out when someone is being fake and floppy and how easy she caught Phu Phu ass was perfect,I just loved how she kicked Phu Phu out for being a strategic mess. THANK YOU

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    She is the prettiest drag queen that i have ever seen in tvs/etc. She is talented and her face and body is servin. She's gold! So happy she came back and hoping she will go far this season! Cant be happier.

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    We've come full circle.

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    Tati and alyssa are the best reality tv comeback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkySan View Post

    We've come full circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkySan View Post

    We've come full circle.
    After seven years, I feel like crying.
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    Let the slayage begins!

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    she looks amazing in everything she does.

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    The progression in her from season 2 to now is outstanding. Back in season 2 she would have freaked out if she had to do a comedy challenge. She's evolved so much and her place in the hall of great queens is definitely saved.

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    I'm sooooo happy that she, as well as Alyssa, came back. Best comeback ever!

    I'm also so proud that she was able to go toe-to-toe with Alyssa (who is a killer lipsyncher) and her reaction to being announced as the winner is just flawless

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkySan View Post

    We've come full circle.
    Queen!Make top 3 pls <33

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    She was serving big hair Monroe fish corset-n-boots realness in that lipsync

    Now she needs to just slay the competition, CMON TATI <3
    tati ♔

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    I'm so glad she got to rudeem hereself and ruturn with Alyssa, I just love watching her and listening to every word she says.

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    Can we all agree that she is the most flawless looking queen?

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    She just has an aura about her that makes me want her around. She is everything and I'm so glad she is back because I don't know how I could have lived to see either of the lip syncing queens go again.

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