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Thread: Tatianna

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    Honestly, once again, I thought that Roxxxy was the obvious weak link. Her commercial was based on a gag that the judges said got old mid-way through the commercial and she didn't even fully pull off the wig reveal (the best she got was that it was still attached to her other wig and trailing down her back). They liked Tatianna's idea, but it seemed like they it needed refining (we also know that Tatianna had hilarious lines that didn't make the commercial and I doubt that's true of Roxxxy). And then Tatianna slayed the runway in a way that Roxxxy didn't.

    That commercial wasn't even Roxxy's idea it was Marcus Lemonis who came up with her main concept! bitch needs to go next.

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    Just had to say that.

    So I'm walking down the streets
    Of one of Brazil's gorgeous cities
    And I keep hearing people yell
    "crackuda! crackuda!"
    Now, I don't speak portuguese
    But I can only assume that "crackuda" means
    "gorgeous, beautiful, young woman"

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    I die @ the arc of WIN-ELIM-WIN-ELIM


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    I feel like she gained more fans being eliminated than had she stayed

    Mongolia's Next Top Model: Great New Start <3

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    That Demi though.

    Mongolia's Next Top Model: Great New Start <3

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    If only.

    AusNTM 10: Daisy Davies, UNTM 3: Darya Maistrenko, HNTM9: Emma Hagers

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    I am gagging on her tweets about the surfacing of alleged Shawn Mendes x Nick Jonas nudes lmao

    Butler x Eidem x Kafka x Pozzi

    eat. sleep. rave. repeat.

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