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Thread: CupidStunt Salon - Now Open

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    CupidStunt Salon - Now Open

    Welcome to the prestigious CupidStunt Salon.
    We are now officially open for business!
    Appointments are necessary and you must book in advance.
    Walk-ins are welcome...... if we have any cancellations

    We are turning frumpy, homely elouais, into fresh off the runway models.

    These are their stories;

    note: All hairs will be available for individual use in the hair archive!

    To book an appointment:
    Call - 1-800-Cupid-Stunt
    aka pm me with your details
    doll name:
    doll bald head:
    preferred styles/color:

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    Rosie x Candice

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    Omg this is so original and cool! How do I make an appointment

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    CupidStunt Salon
    6969 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA

    12:15 pm Friday August, 12th

    A tall brunette walks along Rodeo drive, after being dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years, all she needs is retail therapy. She spots a glitzy sign that reads, "CupidStunt Salon." She is in awe of the beautiful building that she has heard of in magazines. Knowing they require appointments and it takes months to get one, she decides to enter anyway. The doors to the salon open with a whoosh, a slight chime rings to alert the receptionist of a client.

    The receptionist perks up at the site of the slightly disheveled girl.

    Receptionist: Hello, welcome to CupidStunt Salon. Do you have an appointment?

    Errrr.. emmm... No. But if you have any openings today....

    Receptionist: Hahahaha, no appointment? Well we are fully booked until October, but it looks like this is an emergency. Let me check with the owner, she is just finishing up with Gisele.


    The receptionist smirks and gets up from her seat.

    Receptionist: May I have your name?

    Uh, Alexia.

    Thank you, Alexia. Please have a seat, I will be right back.

    Alexia takes a seat on the white leather couches in the lobby of the salon and looks around at the impeccable salon in awe.

    After a few minutes the receptionist returns with a smile on her face.

    Receptionist: May I get you some lemon water while you wait?

    Alexia: Wait for what?

    Receptionist: Your appointment of course. There is a spot open, she should be ready for you in about 6 minutes.

    Omg! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Alexia takes her seat again, sipping on her lemon water and waiting for her appointment. Trying very hard to contain her excitement after the look the receptionist gave her when she celebrated getting an appointment. After exactly 6 minutes, Alexia is led into a large area with pink hairdressing chairs lined up infront of sparkling mirrors. All of the seats, except 1, are filled with stylists working away on some of the sleekest hair Alexia has ever seen.

    CupidStunt: Well, what have we got here??

    Alexia: Emm, Alexia?

    CupidStunt: No hunty, what is on your head...

    Alexia: My hair?

    CupidStunt: What has led you to neglect it like this?

    Alexia: I was actually just always focusing on my relationship, I didn't have money to keep up with getting my hair done all the time. You see my boyfriend wasn't working so I had to support us both.

    CupidStunt: Tragic. Why are you here today then?

    Alexia: We.. we broke up.

    CupidStunt: Let's make him regret that hun.

    Alexia: Yaaaaasssss!


    CupidStunt: Did you have anything specific in mind for your revamp?

    Alexia: Well how about something playful and cute! That says i've never seen heartbreak!

    Sure thing, let's try something out.

    Alexia leans back in the seat while CupidStunt works on her hair.
    Calm and cool even though shes hearing a lot of snipping and Hmmms coming from her stylist.

    CupidStunt: Okay Alexia, here is playful hair! I've given you red, wavy locks and styled them into adorable low pigtails.


    Alexia: Wow this is beautiful! But I think it makes me look a little too young!

    CupidStunt: No problem, should we try something else?

    Alexia: Is that possible?

    CupidStunt: Anything is possible at my salon hunty.

    CupidStunt spins Alexia back around and starts working on her head again.
    Alexia is almost falling asleep at how gentle the entire process is.

    CupidStunt: Here, I call this, High Class Russian call girl. Darker red, long, long long,


    Alexia: Hmmm, I like it but it doesn't feel like me.

    CupidStunt: *sigh* I love it, but maybe for someone with such low maintenance you need something more manageable.

    Once again Alexia is spun around while CupidStunt works on her head.
    Such a relaxing atmosphere, Alexia has finally stopped dwelling on her breakup.

    CupidStunt: I think we have found the hairstyle for you! Black, natural straightness with texture at the bottoms.


    Alexia: Oh my. Wow! I absolutely love it!

    CupidStunt: And it will be easy for you to maintain.

    Alexia: Thank you!!!

    As Alexia is admiring her new hair, the receptionist whisks her to the front desk.

    Receptionist: Complimentary hair care products for you come with your haircut, here is some shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, shine spray, heat protectant, a flat iron and some bobby pins.

    Alexia: Wow! Is that extra... Cause this is already going to cost a fortune..

    Receptionist: Complimentary.

    Alexia: Right. What do I owe?

    Receptionist: $654.00 please.

    Alexia: WHAT? Oh god. Okay... I guess its worth it. I look gorgeous.

    Alexia pays for her haircut and bounces out of the salon with a smile on her face bigger than shes had in over 3 years.
    5 minutes out of the salon and a gorgeous guy is already getting her number. Worked like a charm.


    Alexia M - CupidStunt Salon is the best salon out there! If you haven't booked already, do it!
    I thought I would never be happy again after my break up, but after getting my new hair done I had more confidence than ever.
    I am now dating Alexander Skaarsgard after catching his attention with my freshly done hair from CupidStunt Salon. This place is magical!

    Rosie x Candice

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    Quote Originally Posted by badgalboroz View Post
    Omg this is so original and cool! How do I make an appointment
    To book an appointment:
    Call - 1-800-Cupid-Stunt
    aka pm me with your details
    doll name:
    doll bald head:
    preferred styles/color:

    Rosie x Candice

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    what a original concept! love how it mixing hair making, story telling and "enterprising" together. WERK

    and the second hair is to die for.


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    Great concept tbh!!




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    CupidStunt Salon
    6969 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA

    6:00 pm Saturday, August, 13th

    The business of Rodeo drive has died down a bit with the evening approaching, but all of a sudden a blur is seen running across the streets barreling towards the salon. The door flies open and and in floats a tall bald model. Impatient and obviously in a hurry she starts hammering on the service bell when she doesn't see a receptionist.

    Receptionist: Please stop that.

    Bald girl: My appointment started a minute ago, can I go back there now?

    Receptionist: Well maybe you should've been early if you were in such a rush not burst in at the last second.

    Bald girl: ....

    Receptionist: Name please?

    Tahiry: Rojo, Tahiry Rojo. I've got an appointment with Cupid.

    Receptionist: Looks like Cupid will have a lot to work with..

    Tahiry: They're called weaves, white devil.

    Receptionist: Right this way please

    Tahiry is led to the back where most of the seats are now empty, Cupid is at her station waiting.

    Tahiry: Cleared the place out for the legend, it's just like when Cartier clears the store for me to shop in private.

    CupidStunt: Nahhhh, everyone's just gone home to their families by now.

    Tahiry: Families shamlies. I just need to look perfect so I am booked for the upcoming runway season.

    CupidStunt: Any ideas?

    Tahiry: A wonderful, believable weave girlfriend. You know the drill.

    CupidStunt: Let's run through a couple of looks and see how you feel in them.

    Tahiry: Let's do this.

    CupidStunt: Okay so I thought we could really do something drastic here, so I've give you a gorgeous sleek blonde do.


    Tahiry: GURL, are you serious? I look like a hoodrat! No blonde!!

    CupidStunt: *sigh* Blonde is so hot in the runway right now, but okay. Let's try something else out.

    CupidStunt: Okay, so I decided to keep things sleek and straight, but with some texture and we've gone black with the color.


    Tahiry: Ugh no! This color is too dark and boring. I need something more believable, not too straight.

    CupidStunt: Okay I think I've got your perfect hairstyle in mind. Now hold still, you can't keep texting or this is gonna be crooked.

    Tahiry: I. Am. Important. If I need to shoot a text, I will do it.

    CupidStunt: Okay here is your perfect look! It's got some curl in it, and a nice subtle brunette, very versatile for your career!


    Tahiry: Yassss, I love this!!! It's bouncy!! I am booking everything, you just wait!!

    CupidStunt: So glad you love it.

    Tahiry: You knew I would, don't waste my time and give me crap choices at the start though. You could have saved me hours if you gave me this first.

    CupidStunt: I can only do so much if you DONT TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT.

    Tahiry: Haha that's your job silly!

    Just as Tahiry was admiring her new hair in the mirror the receptionist came to escort her back to the front for payment

    Receptionist: Nice. Complimentary hair care products for you come with your haircut, here is some shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, shine spray, heat protectant, a flat iron and some bobby pins. $700.00. Cash or credit.

    Tahiry: Really? 700 cash you ask? Do I look like a call girl?

    Receptionist: Well I -

    Tahiry: Don't answer that. Credit obvi.

    And just like that after paying and grabbing her free goodies, Tahiry was out in a flash just like she had come in.


    Tahiry R - This bitch might be vanilla but she can slay a damn weave to hell. I'm officially a MUSE now. A MUSE! My star is on the rise and I'm even being followed by paparazzi and featured on TMZ. Things can get a bit crazy backstage with jealous models fighting me for my spot but my weave is always staying intact. ALWAYS. Worth every damn dime.

    Rosie x Candice

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    these looks in her are amazings

    love this idea and all the rp


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    CupidStunt Salon
    6969 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA

    12:00 pm Sunday, August, 14th

    Two girls are seen skipping down the sidewalk, arm in arm, towards the CupidStunt Salon. They're both giggling and teasing eachother about their upcoming hair appointment. They both attempt to enter through the doors remaining arm in arm but get stuck. After a bit of struggle they get tangled up and fall at the entrance of the Salon in a heap of long limbs and shopping bags.

    Reception: Ladies, are you.. is anything broken?

    Girl 1: Omigosh! Hahahaha, wow talk about embarassing!
    Girl 2: We are cool mama! Cool as a cucumber!
    Girl 1: Hahahaha cool as ice!

    Reception: Right, very cool. Oozing cool appeal. Do you have appointments?

    Vivoree: Obi! I'm Vivoree and this is my bff4l, Kissiah.
    Kissiah: Our appointment is at 12:15! Together. Side by Side, we requested it.

    Reception: Yes, I see that here, we were able to accomdate that request. Cupid is very talented in being able to service two at once.

    Vivoree: Gurl, ew. We are just here to get our hair done, no servicing needed.
    Kissiah: Hahahahah dirty mind Viv!

    Reception: Right this way.

    Vivoree: So excited!!!!!!!
    Kissiah: Ahhhhhhhh!!!

    The girls are led to the back of the salon where two empty stations are set up side by side.
    Magazines, sparkling water and tablets are on a table in the middle.

    CupidStunt: Hi ladies! I've got everything set up here for you, since there will be some down time while I work on the other, there are things to keep you occupied.

    Vivoree: Heard you were ready to service two of us at the same time
    Kissiah: Yeah but we are so not lez.

    CupidStunt: Well it looks like your heads both need a lot of... servicing.

    Kissiah: We like to be besties and have matching hair styles!
    Vivoree: We would still like to be in the same ballpark here but not identical!
    Kissiah: Yeah I want something a little more edgy and WOW.
    Vivoree: And I need something a bit more chill.
    Kissiah: But still kind of the same kay??

    CupidStunt: I will do my best.

    Vivoree: We know boo, that's why we are paying out the azzz for YOU to do our hair.
    Kissiah: We can afford it though!

    Kissiah: Viv, that hair is coming along gawjusssss
    Vivoree: It better! You are looking intense right now tbh.
    Kissiah: It must be the bleach.
    Vivoree: Gurl, she has a razor in her hands.
    Kissiah: I know right

    After hours of bleaching, razor shaving, curlers, and extensions being put in, the girls were finally twirled around to face eachothers new hair styles.

    CupidStunt: Kissiah, you wanted something edgy and wow. Well here it is, big platinum curls on one side, and SHAVED on the other.
    Vivoree, we kept with the curl theme to keep you guys looking matchy, but you have full head of black beautiful curls.

    Kissiah: Holy crap you look like a supermodel!
    Vivoree: WHOA! You look so BADASS!!!!!
    Kissiah: Mission accomplished?
    Vivoree: Mission accomplished!


    Kissiah & Vivoree - So we came in here knowing it would be the best, and we weren't disappointed! We were accommodated perfectly, being able to have our hair done side by side. We also were able to get similar hair cuts but totally different too. We look like Charlies Angels, but with one less angel!

    Rosie x Candice

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    I love all these hairs so far. Awesome and original idea!

    So I'm walking down the streets
    Of one of Brazil's gorgeous cities
    And I keep hearing people yell
    "crackuda! crackuda!"
    Now, I don't speak portuguese
    But I can only assume that "crackuda" means
    "gorgeous, beautiful, young woman"

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    Thank you

    Rosie x Candice

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    I just wanna say thank you sooo much for featuring my girl Tahiry
    She looks

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    No problem! Thanks for your business~ Book an appointment anytime.

    Rosie x Candice

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    I am enjoying this so far

    I am booking for sure an appointment

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    :YAY! thank you so much! Identical Those hairs look gorgeous. I'll never learn
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    CupidStunt Salon
    6969 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA

    2:45 pm Monday, August, 15th

    A man in a blacksuit and sunglasses enters the salon and holds the door opened. Behind him a beautiful red head stomps through followed by another man in a black suit. Camera flashes are constantly going off outside of the salon as the trio enters.

    Red Head: Ugh, can they just LEAVEMETHE****ALONEFOR5MINUTES.

    Bodyguard 1: I'll watch the door and make sure none of them invade your privacy.

    Red Head: Yes, you do that. Now, I have an appointment to get to.

    Receptionist: Dana Martinez?

    Dana: You know it hun.

    Receptionist: Your appointment was 45 minutes ago.

    Dana: Right! It was SO difficult to get just down the street with all those annoying paparazzi jumping all over the car.

    Receptionist: Okay, well Cupid did wait for you so let me bring you back to see her.

    Dana: Well of course she did hun.

    Dana is led to the back of the salon to sit with CupidStunt. Her bodyguard stands close by the entire time, watching and surveying the security of the premise.

    CupidStunt: Dana, how lovely of you to grace us with your presence finally.

    Dana: Ha Cupid you silly thing. Of course I would show up to get beautified by the best. You know the paparazzi, ugh literally can't get anywhere on time with them throwing themselves at my feet.

    CupidStunt: Oh yeah? Don't wanna end up on TMZ for running one down, I hear ya.

    Dana: You are so right.

    CupidStunt: So what are you looking for this time?

    Dana: I'm going to be auditioning for a Nicholas Sparks movie so I need to look wholesome, sweet and southern. So long straight and golden brown.

    CupidStunt: Love his books.

    Dana: No not books, film hun.

    CupidStunt: Riiiight, let's see what I can do for you.

    Cupid: Okay Dana, here is light browny blond and straight!


    Dana: I like the color but it has to be LONGER! Like I am a saint who has never touch a pair of scissors to her virgin hair.

    Cupid: Virgin hair?

    Dana: I'm practicing my acting

    Cupid: Okay let me try something else.

    Dana: Longer.

    Cupid: So I've added a ton of length here for you and brightened the color a bit.


    Dana: You are getting so close to the perfect hair for this part! Just more innocence, a little tiny bit shorter and maybe a bit lighter!

    CupidStunt: Got it!

    CupidStunt: And here is your end product. Pin straight, golden!

    Dana: Wow! I actually look innocent and young! Perfect for the leading lady of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

    CupidStunt: I agree

    Dana: Maybe I'll score you a seat at the premiere.

    CupidStunt: Sounds good to me!

    Dana: Toodles!

    Dana is escorted out of the salon by her bodyguards. Screaming and shouting of her name and flashes of cameras follow her down Rodeo Drive.


    The Dana Martinez - CupidStunt is THE hair stylist to the STARS! No way was I letting her slip out of reach of making me look perfect. She came highly recommended and I can tell you now that I WAS NO DISAPPOINTED! She helped me to achieve the EXACT look casting directors were looking for at an audition for a movie that will be the most popular summer romance of 2017. I got the part and this salon has got a client for life.

    Rosie x Candice

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