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Thread: Real Housewives of Potomac

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    Real Housewives of Potomac


    TBH I am not a fan. The women are bitches, the etiquette stuff is way too much and shoving it down others people throats is, I am sure, rule #1 of what not to do... like those 5 rules of party etiquette, please. And that Huger woman, bitch needs to get over herself. PLUS I don't like how the cast is so segregated again, why can't Bravo do a diverse cast? Potomac has a higher population of Asian Americans that African Americans, why not put an Asian lady or two in the cast? Especially over this awful cast.

    I doubt it will last more than 2 seasons, if that....

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    I think the show is great specifically because half of the cast are fantastically awful and the other half are feisty underdogs (with Robyn seeming like she might be sweet). If the good/evil balances out throughout the season, I think it could end up being a hit.
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    Amazing. Best premiere in a while. Karen and Gizelle are stars and Katie and Charisse seem like sleeper hits. Robyn will be the level headed one the group needs and Ashley will be a lot of drama when she joins.
    The premiere alone was better than all of ATL and BHs current seasons.

    "people come for me all the time, they just never find me." was iconic

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    Ranking the Housewives - Episode 1
    1. Gizelle - I think she has the potential to be my favorite housewife of all the different series
    2. Karen - deliciously awful--it would wear out if she didn't have some amazing zingers
    3. Robyn - will be the level-headed one and seems the most likable in terms of real life likability; I hope she'll be more of a Kandi and less of a Kim
    4. Charisse - Sooo shady and a little to wound up. She has potential for entertainment, though.
    5. Katie - seemed a bit dull and one-dimensional compared to the other ladies; hopefully if the "biracial" argument is derogatory towards her she will stand firm and stand up for herself

    Can't wait to see what Ashley is about!
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    Thoughts on week 2...

    We get it, you're black, but why can't Katie be half black and Jewish? Why does she have to pick one side? Why is it such a big deal?
    We get it, you're obsessed with etiquette.
    Same old, same old. But I'll still watch it, it's kinda decent tv, I hate to admit lol.

    Ooh and if Ashley is from Virginia, why is she on the show???

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    This is turning into one of the strongest first seasons of any housewife franchise after two episodes.
    Karen and Gizelle are iconic.
    Charisse stepped it up this episode. Robyn is so chill. Ashley seems like she'll be a fun punching bag. Katie sucks, but I don't hate her. I don't think it's that she has to choose a side, but nothing about her says to me that she identifies with the black side. There is a black culture. She seems almost subconsciously against it. I think we'll see more of this based off that preview of that one fight she's in. It's the Mariah Carey thing.

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    Most iconic opening housewives quote ever. This show, I'm liking it. This episode was a little more dull than the first but it's still a great episode. Interested to see how this season actually plays out.

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    OMAGAD Gizelle is already iconic i swear LMAO , I CACKLED at " The presence of your face repulses me " such an iconic catchphrase :ROFL

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    ^ Charrisse said that. Unless you meant it as a different thought from the Gizelle part...

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    Yea that lol , I know charisse said that it was just soooo funny and petty

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    RPDR ~ All stars : Alaska . Tatianna . Katya . Detox . Alyssa . Roxxy
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    1.Gizele: She is gorgeous and fun. I hope her doesn't Nene her self and get big headed. Cynthia may have a run for her money for the prettiest house wife.
    2.Karen: I dont know if I love to hate her or hate to love her, the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. When she told Gizele's friend to "Check Out" I died. lmaooo
    3.Robin: So easy going and cool. I want more from her
    4.Ashley: She seems alright. Spunky, pretty, tbh I want her life the most out of all the girls
    5.Charrisse: I liked her the first episode but she is a bit of a sourpuss. I want her to give me funny but keep it cute and not seem so pressed.
    6.Katie: Boring and I want her to calm down with trying to get that man to marry her

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    Is anyone else watching these delusional women still? Lol @ how racist Gizelle and Robin are, you can't have green eyes and be 100% black - green eyes only naturally occur in people of Caucasian descent.

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    ^really????so Afghans are Caucasians?
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    ^ they are considered Iranid which is a sub division of the Caucasian race.

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    I need to watch this season.

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