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Thread: Reality Bites 14

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    And is anyone surprised? I think not. I'm so glad that I was able to sit next to two of my favorite people in this competition, and I would not have had it any other way. To those that voted for me to lose...

    And recognize you could never try it with a queen.


    I'm sorry if this comes off incoherent but thank you so much. Like seriously, this win was the most unexpected win ever and I never anticipated taking this win. I honestly thought I would scrounge up a vote or two with Tiana taking the win. I'm honestly so honored, and beyond grateful for those that voted for me. I have been having a really rough life IRL outside of this game, but this was something I put a lot of effort into and you can ask the guys from my podcast how much I was cheering when I made final 3. I can't wait to tell them I won.

    To Tiana - I really, absolutely, truly, deeply, adore you with everything in my spirit, body, and being. You are someone that I have been so thankful has taken me under your wing as a friend on the site, and as a friend in general. Like girl, texting you means that I care about you and you know I don't trust people either like that so I'm so glad you took second.

    Brandi - baby boo. I still wait for the day that we have lesbian secks and you admit you want my body, but until then I guess I'll just have to wait in anticipation. Working with you in this game + making it to the end (****ING FINALLY) was an honor and I am glad that if I won, it was next to you, whom I respect and know would respect my win in return.

    I had such a great time in this game, and thank you so much once again. I'm beyond thrilled to be the winner, and I hopefully will be back in the future.

    As always, thanks for the game Toochy bb and I'm so glad my redemption arc played out the way I prayed it did.

    Jenn out~*~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyan View Post
    yas slay. congrats <3
    two amazing winners back to back amirite ;D

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    Gary! Congratulations on your win! I respected that you took the time to actually talk to me and include me even if the stuff you were saying was lies


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    You have a podcast? That's so cool that you talked about the game on there and then won :D

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    Congrats Gary! I thought Tiana had in the da bag!! Goodjob to shatt and vanego azwell!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    You have a podcast? That's so cool that you talked about the game on there and then won :D
    haha yeah, I do. Shameless plug but it's called The Boyz and its on iTunes and soundcloud. You all should check it out and it'll actually be on the next episode so I'm gonna shout you all out

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    WorK I'm gonna listen!

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