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Thread: Reality Bites 14

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    Yoooo I did not expect dis! Iont think I really needa keep y'all in no suspense or nun since we already know what I'm gon' do.
    Brandi and Jenniffer, y'all been my ride or die bitches since Day 1. It ain't no way I would vote either one of y'all out at this point.
    I mean, look at how far we came, yo. We made it to the muhfuggin' end. My word is my bond, therefore Josh, you gotta go, son.
    We really ain't speak not one word to each otha this whole game and loyalty is errything to me. Sorry, homie.
    Good luck to us three, and may the baddest bitch win~


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    #WOLFPACKFINAL3 YAAASSSSSSSS WE DID IT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! Legitimately so excited and proud of us!!!! Good luck ladies <3333 love you two!

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    by a vote of...

    Josh|RiddleMeThis, I'm sorry you are out. I was really rooting for you to make it to the end, but unfortunately you were up against some tough odds here. I knew when Diana left you'd have to win something nearly every round to stay in the game and up until this point you were able to. Unfortunately this last section of the competition was just not in your favor and unfortunately you are now the last member of our jury.

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    Ewwww to this final three

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    It is now time for the finalists to send me their opening statements and for the jury to send any questions they may have for the final 3. Please send me these via PM within the next 24 hours. Good Luck!

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    I'm legit shaking. So happy.

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    Brussels, y'all.


    I'm so proud of us for this <3 Y'all slay.

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    I was so confident too I was going to win a challenge. Man oh well. I had fun, thanks for the game tooch. Sadly now we have to vote for one of these flops

    (JK you all are great, I'm just annoyed I'm not there)


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Good luck y'all! I've been so out of it, I just realized that I posted the wrong .gif.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanityEgo
    Hello everyone!

    This has been a very fun, intense yet light-hearted game, and I would like to thank all of you for that, as well as Miss Toochy Pie.
    The reasons I'm sitting here are pretty easy to sum up:

    • A solid alliance with VULPicks, Shattered, SoandSo and Scar, whose wiccan ass got evicted early;
    • A decent clout and good relationships with people, mainly Aly, which kept me safe when they won competitions or when I was nominated;
    • 2 comp wins with insanely convenient timing; Round 5 allowed me to drop my enemy count to 1, and the Final MVP helped lock RMT out of the F3.

    Chillfact0r rightfully accused me of being selfish; it's always been pretty clear to me that my priority was winning, then making it to the end with my alliance. As good as it feels to accomplish my secondary goal, my sights are set on the title. I hope I've projected the image of a winner throughout this game; someone who respects the game as much as their friendships, and who won't apologise for being a player. I am ready and eager to answer any questions you may have, and hope to convince y'all that I'm the main bitch.

    Good luck to my fellow finalists, and thank you all again for this great game!

    Quote Originally Posted by VULpicks.


    So, first I just got to say that I'm extremely proud of myself for making it to this point and I'm so thankful to be sitting next to two bad bitches at this point in the game.

    Now, as a real Bad Girl, I know I'm here to own my shit and explain why I think I deserve this win. This season, I came into this game wanting this season to be a redemption for me.

    I spent one of my last seasons of RB getting really wasted and making decisions that weren't favorable to me or my allies, and started to only think about myself and my selfish ways to get to the end and I made it to 4th place in one game and then I want to say 9th in the last one I played? So I wanted to come into this season and make a tight alliance, per usual, and stick to that alliance as much as possible.

    When starting the game, I had an alliance with Jonna and Abram, and I also had an alliance that was made with Tiana, Brandi, and Jessie pretty early on in the game. We pretty much talked game and made decisions as rounds went by, at least from my perspective. Abram was evacuated and Jonna got assassinated pretty quickly, so it essentially came down to relying on my 3 girls for safety and just for making sure that they had my back.

    This worked out pretty well for us until it came to around the time Ludo went home. That's where I started to realize that my flying under the radar wasn't working as well as I thought it was anymore, and in retrospect, it was because I was the least removed from other players in the game as far as safety was concerned. I noticed that I would always be the replacement choice by either Diana or Josh, and even when I tried to win challenges, I pretty much flopped.

    I think I'm the only person who didn't win anything this season in this final, and probably the only person that didn't win any challenges in the top 8 or 9 of this game. My suckage was somewhat intentional, and somewhat because I just could never pull it off.

    The round where Jessie and Tiana were up was the round where I had the first time I felt in the game where I made a move. I knew that Josh was closer to Tiana and had a specific person that he wanted to go home, and I essentially pleaded for my life to make sure that I wasn't the replacement nominee since two of my allies would be up against each other. I gave him scenarios as to who I would vote out if he kept Tiana up, or if he took her down and then replaced her. And that was the round I also made Omarosa feel like I was going to take her to the end, or vote with her moving forward because I felt like I had a shot against her at the end of the game.

    I slowly started to realize that no one would fuck with me if I turned into a flip-flop bitch and felt more secure in my alliance than anything and knew that I wanted both my bitches at the end with me, and that's the reason why I didn't split the vote the round that Brandi and Omarosa were up next to each other. I think in pretty much every scenario, I was going to be taken to the end because I came across as a goat, but I like to see it a different way. I also realized that Omarosa staying in the game actually made her more of a threat for the win at the end, and I would much rather have evened out the playing field for myself than having her dusty ass with me in a final spot. So I had basically lied and just said what I said the round prior to keep my ass safe. Whoops!

    My social game allowed me to be aware of what was going on pretty much at all rounds, and even though I was nominated I was never a direct threat to anyone. I stayed a good friend and ally to my allies, and made sure I kept them in the loop with whatever intel I would gather if I so managed to talk to anyone else from a different side. I also made sure that I kept my Bad Girl sister Tiana the most in the loop, because she was the one who I wanted to make it to the end with no questions about it, and I'm so honored to be here with her the most. <3

    To all my haters that think I have the most uphill battle against these two:

    I know I played a solid, loyal game and look forward to answering any and every question from you all. Good luck to my other two bitches.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered

    I just want to start by saying that I am extremely happy and proud that the three of us made it here to the end; I love y'all and I'm so glad that we got the chance to take this all the way to the end. Thank y'all for your support along the way. Now Jury, I came into this game with no expectations and choosing to just ride the wave. I had no set strategy coming into this. So at the beginning of the game I really just allowed people to approach me with alliances. The only people that really contacted me were Jenniffer/Brandi/Abram/Jessie, and we immediately formed a core alliance of us five with no hesitation. We all work extremely well together, and we have a great out-of-game relationship as well, so it just felt right. Throughout the game I was always in a prime position; no one ever wanted to nominate me because of my pre-existing relationships with people, I never talked strategy with anyone outside of my core so there was no room for anyone to find faults in me, and whenever I wasn't winning competitions [1 MVP and 3 Saves], the people in power did not look at me as a target whatsoever. The only time I was a final Nominee was in Week 9, and the other time I was nominated I saved myself from the block. I knew the best way for me to get through this game and make it to the end was to lay low, not make any waves, stick to my core, and win competitions when I really needed to. I never had to break any promises or backstab anyone, so I felt that I played a very straightforward, loyal and honest game while not sitting in the shadows to the point of irrelevancy. I made moves necessary to propel myself and my alliance members further, and even when the odds were stacked against us, I found a way to push through - and that's why I'm sitting here. I never like to ramble on in Opening Statements, so if you need further clarification on the game I played, I want you all to ask me any specific questions you need to, and I'll be happy to answer them honestly and bluntly. Thank you all for your time, and I hope you all give each of us a chance to earn your vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buecey11
    Whete is your lest meal end why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merry
    Carmen : First of all, I must say this: I get it. I was the biggest threat to your games, modeling careers and long term relationships, so you HAD to vote me out. Doesn’t mean I like any of you tho.

    I just hope that you all learned a lesson or two about how beautiful people more than often are the victims of jealousy and intimidation on this planet. As for LGBT rights, don’t get me started because I felt very oppressed by your transphobic attitude throughout this whole competition. But I’m not a victim, I am a strong independent woman.

    So I have one question for yall and one for each of you…

    QUESTION FOR YALL: I want you to rank the jury from 1 to 7 based on attractiveness. 1 being most beautiful and 7 being scum of the Earth. Explain my placement please.

    TINA, I did state previously that I would be rooting for you for being a trans woman. However, you were rude, violent and condescending towards me this hole competition.

    My question to you is the following:

    If you win, how will you use your winner’s platform to elevate trans rights across America?

    JENNIFER, you basically are a copy of Tina. You both look the same and didn’t want to werk with me out of transphobia. My question to you is:

    Where do you think these transphobic feelings originated from? Would you date a trans man? And why.

    BRANDY, I feel like I barely know you. You were one of the numerous generic blondes to be in this competition and never stood out. However, this also means that you did not jump me, although you should clearly be intimidated by my looks. So congrats for that. My question for Brandi is:

    Do you think Reality Bites 14’s winner can be an lady of a certain age whose modeling career is clearly over? And why.

    Oh and you boyfriends say hi! Btw Jennifer, I'm not a fan of your curtains in your bedroom, you should hire a designer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aly
    I have no questions as I feel you've all played the same exact game. I suppose the whole 'throw every challenge so I don't have to make a move or pick a side until I have to' is a valid strategy but I have a feeling that for some of you the throwing was more of a sign of your noncommittal attitude to the game. Seeing as you all had a similar game, I'm going to have to nitpick while deciding my vote. One of you was shady and lied about reasoning for nominations. One of you told the truth but in a cocky, almost destructive way. And one of you just talks a lot about nothing. So who does my vote go to? The triflin ho, the overly confident heifer, or the yapping chihuahua? Time will tell

    Quote Originally Posted by chillfact0r7
    Omarosa's Jury Statement

    Congrats ladies on making the final three. Won't lie, was rooting for Josh so I'm a little sad we didn't demolish the axis of evil, but this is the result you wanted so congrats for making it to this point. However, it's one thing to make the final three and another to actually be in contention for the win. I think mind is already made up to be honest, but I have a few short statements for you all.

    Jenniffer, girl did you win any challenges at all this season? I mean, you know I love you and you're easily the person out of this group I'm closest too but I don't think I can support someone who knowingly knows the smart strategic move to make and is too afraid to make it. We already had a discussion about this, but unless you have some amazingly brilliant jury performance I don't think I can vote for you.

    Brandi, girl you kind of confuse me. On one hand, when you need someone you're so willing to converse and chat but when you don't you basically throw them to the wolves. It's sad how badly you basically ignored me during my return to the game. While everyone else was at least considering talking to me, you were so tight lipped- almost to the point of being off putting and cold like you couldn't even bother being in my presence. I've always heard you were cold hearted in games but this is the first time I've experienced it myself. This is, after all, a social game so I don't understand why you didn't put in more effort. I really do feel like I have to second guess how close we ultimately are after this game because it's hard to feel like people aren't just pawns to you.

    Tiana, I have to say out of everyone in this finale you surprised me the most. I initially had written you off- I didn't think you were invested and definitely didn't see much effort from you early in the game. But something happened after I left for the first time. I called you out because I wanted to see that fire in you and I think that's what it took because you really started to beast things out. You won tons of challenges and I really do feel that strategically you are the reason your little group not only stuck together but made it to the end. And socially I felt like you were really into the game, you kept your options open and that is the mark of a player I can truly respect. You have my vote at this point about 99% locked and I hope that this sentiment is felt by the jury as well.

    Feel free to comment on my statements but don't get too defensive or catty because I do enjoy all three of you and the moment you start hating on me for my opinions and observations rather than come out with logical arguments is the moment you will likely lose my vote. Best of luck to all three of you and may the best player that isn't me or Josh win <3

    Quote Originally Posted by RiddleMeThis
    I have no questions at all.

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    Brussels, y'all.


    My last meal was a microwaveable chicken sandwich; because I'm a ratchet mess and that's all I had in my fridge

    01 Carmen - When someone with great genes uses plastic surgery to complete nature's wonderful job, you get Carmen Carrera.
    02 Diana - Look at that lovely lil' Brit girl! Don't you just wanna pinch her cheeks?
    03 Omarosa - She's a lioness in the boardroom, and I don't expect her to be anything less than that in bed.
    04 Ludo - The rugged look and the tats make me flood my basement a little bit.
    05 Wesley - He's a good lookin' twink alright, but he's nothing special.
    06 Jessie - Plain mother****in' Jane.
    07 Josh - Yea um, let's just say a lot of people can pull off the nerd look, but he can't.

    Yes, I believe a woman of a certain age can win Reality Bites even if she is past her prime; in fact, it's been done before; Wendy mother****ing Pepper has won this game; so has Zulema Griffin, and ****, even Monica Beverly Hillz has won. I wish I could say I was trying to break barriers for others hags, but those barriers have been broken. The main reason I hope to get your vote though is I have invested a lot into botox to look as young and fresh as you do, and your vote would be the best compliment. If I can't get your vote, at least give me the name of your plastic surgeon.

    If there's one thing I know about you, it's that you can handle a lot of yapping from chihuahas, as your Skype history with Andres shows, so I'm definitely worried There's nothing I can say in my defense. I realise there's no nice way to tell someone "no I'm not keeping you, bye", and I can see how the way I worded it was cocky and pretentious. Good luck with your decision.

    Let's not forget one major component here: you approached me systematically when you needed me; you acknowledged that you hadn't taken much time to foster our relationship until you were on the block and I had the SAVE, and I never held that against you. You approached me to highlight that you could've nominated me when your were MVP, and that's because you wanted to make sure I would keep that in mind. To me that just meant keeping you over RMT if it came down to it... Which was already my best move anyway. I don't have it in me to ignore someone I like when they approach me. Heck, I don't even ignore obnoxious people on Grindr, so I definitely wasn't gonna leave you in the dust, but I was tight-lipped, as you said.

    Lemme elaborate on my faults; one of the reasons I wasn't putting too much effort into the social aspect of this game is I didn't feel like my alliance was making any substantial effort either, therefore any attempt to grovel would be counterproductive for 2 reasons; the people I would attempt to grovel to would find me unnecessarily phoney, and my alliance might've been tempted to shank me for putting too much effort into my relationships with outsiders. It's not that your presence was beneath me or anything like that; I just have too much respect for you as a player to even pretend like I had any intentions beyond picking you off once it got to your turn. I also felt like approaching you for safety when you were MVP just would've given you ammunition to try and forge a crack in my alliance, and I was not going to give you that.

    In fact, I will say that I don't like approaching people for my benefit precisely because I don't think of them as pawns; I think of them as people on one hand, and as players on the other. I always assume that everyone is trying to win, not to serve my game. That's why when I do approach someone, I try my best to make a plea that is reasonable and mutually beneficial on some level; I try to appeal to their logic, and if it makes me look robotic, it's because it is. Also, I am an awkward person.

    It all comes down to this: I'd rather be perceived as cold than phoney, because at least I know that I am cold, I am not a social butterfly, and maybe that puts me at odds in a social game, but at least I can sit at the end and tell every juror I was respectful of their intellect, and hopefully if they don't like me that much, at least they can respect me and won't feel like they're voting for someone who duped them.

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    I forgot to mention that this bitter juror CAN be swayed by the jury answers

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    Wesley; Since I'm probably the most irrelevant cast member, I want you guys to make me feel even worthless by telling me what was the most relevant move you've made strategy-wise in the game. Good luck!

    {.Chabernaud. Nawrat. Pozzi. Ueda. Kafka.}

    Survivor 32: Alecia, Debbie, Neal, Michele
    AsNTM4 : Sang In, Tawan, Alaiza
    Project Runway All-Stars 5: Fade, Dom

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    jenny from the nomination block ftw


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    Are you speaking English? My last meal was a McDonald's Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich.

    1. Jessie - bangable
    2. Carmen - bangable cuz you get both a dick and some feminine touch
    3. Diana - teenage white gurl *****
    4. Omarosa - state of the union *****
    5. Josh - small white penis
    6. Ludo - even smaller white penis
    7. Wesley - even smaller gay white penis

    You act like I'm transphobic? I actually respect and enjoy the transgender community. Your elimination has nothing to do with you being trans. At the time, you were a threat to win and you needed to go. That's all that boiled down to. I would date a trans man because why does gender matter so much these days? It's about the inside and that's all I really want to focus on when I eventually fall in love.

    I didn't throw every challenge because I didn't want to commit. I threw once because I knew that I wouldn't get times that would beat others, so why am I going to waste my time when I'm going to get it incorrect [go find evidence of me not getting challenges right, and you'll see I'm right]. Also, during this time period, my best friend's father passed away so I was out of town dealing with that and didn't have time to even log in really during that span of time or be available. So my real life got to me but it didn't mean I wasn't invested.

    Chiahuahas are cute pets and you should vote for the cute pet that never offended you, promised you anything nor attempted to overstep a boundary that made you assume that I was trying to double dip. I was truthful and that should be honored in a way. I never had anything with you that made you think we were aligned, and you even put me up for nomination a couple of times. I would love if you could give me your vote to win because I didn't backstab you in any way, and I think you can honor someone who played a loyal game.

    Here's my problem with you. And if I lose your vote over it, whatever. Yes, I know what the 'best move' is, but does that mean I need to go behind my alliances back and fuck them over? No. And that only benefits you, not me in the end. So why would I do something that isn't going to help me out in the end? I love you very much but if you can't value my loyalty in this game to my team, then you just don't understand what that means. The only time I ever had to do anything that wasn't loyal was when I chose between Tiana and Jessie. Tiana and I have always been closer and I was more loyal to her. So fall back, baby boo.

    ....jk, lol I hope you'll give me a shot in giving me the vote to win even though I wasn't a competition beast like my fellow competitors. I made it here via the nomination block and having an airtight alliance and talking to the right people at the right time to keep my ass out of danger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Filler View Post

    Wesley; Since I'm probably the most irrelevant cast member, I want you guys to make me feel even worthless by telling me what was the most relevant move you've made strategy-wise in the game. Good luck!

    This was probably the biggest rule I learned in this game, because there were times where there were folks that could have been put up that needed to be snatched, but I waited patiently. The most relevant move I made was I want to think the round that Josh won the save. I knew that Omarosa's ass was not going up, so I had to make a play for myself to keep my ass out of danger. I knew I had sucked well enough up until that point to make myself seem less of a threat. So I told Josh that if he put Brandi up, I would send Brandi home if he saved Tiana. I told him that if he left Tiana up, I would send Jessie home. That's what kept the nominations the same and sent Jessie home and allowed me to ensure that I kept my three as tight as I could. I knew that my alliance was going to be broken up, and I knew that was the round one of us had to fall. I didn't want it to be me, and knew I posed no threat as seen on the outside to the rest of the people left, and I kept my ass safe. This also went along with me running to Omarosa basically about life and just being social with her at that point. That small bit of social game kept my ass out of the hot seat that round, and the round after and I think that's a good play on my end because it allowed me one step closer to the end, with a tighter knit group of who I thought would keep me until the final 3 over Jessie, who I am pretty sure would have taken the other two over me.

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