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Thread: The Challenge Season 28 Speculation and Spoilers

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    this last episode was incredible but overall such a horrible ending to the challenge franchise in itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VULpicks. View Post
    x2, Amina. Sarah's feeling herself a little too much. I miss the insecure woman she used to be. This "veteran" status is getting to her head and she's losing the humble woman she was.
    Humble? She was always a phony conceited bitch. The only time she was ever useful was when she screwed Bananas over! That was an amazing moment and I started rooting for her. Think everyone did. However, since then she's been a desperate ho trying to get a loser like Bananas to like her again even though it's well known what an ass he is. He also capitalized on Diems death by leaking private info about her to the media. So hearing he screwed her over in the finale makes me regret not watching it (I didn't care to see Bananas/Vince winning.)

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    I finally watched the finale, I felt so bad for Sarah.

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