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Thread: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

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    Alyssa, Alaska, Adore, JuJuBee, Ben, Katya plz. Would LOVE will am but doubt she's on.

    Would not mind Roxxxy. Wasnt her biggest fan, but she is interesting. And No at Gia and Laganja not being on. I need them on my screen again.

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    So the rumored cast so far according to people on the RPDR Reddit is:

    Highly likely/pretty much confirmed:
    Adore Delano
    Alyssa Edwards
    Phi Phi O'Hara
    Ginger Minj

    Rumored, have been suspiciously inactive on social media and/or have been absent at gigs or have announced they're going on "vacation":
    Victoria Porkchop Parker - There was some wild rumor going around that Porkchop had been telling people she had been cast for All Stars 2 and got into an argument with Mimi Imfurst telling her she shouldn't go around telling people. Someone on reddit had screenshots of their supposed fight over text messages, but they have since been deleted.
    Kelly Mantle - Posted about taking some time off social media for a filming project with a picture of a stock photo.
    Roxxxy Andrews - Apparently inactive on social media, for now. However, in my view, her storyline may be too similar to Phi Phi's when it comes to the two of them being on a season together, and Phi Phi has blown up much more than Roxxxy. We will see.
    Tatianna - Apparently inactive on social media as well. She also was not at her home bar this past weekend. However, they have clearly passed on many of the early season queens, so there is a possibility that she will not be on. We'll have to keep watching her as well.
    Coco Montrese - Also apparently inactive on social media. We'll watch her as well.
    Ongina - Stated in a tweet that she "would not be going on vacation for a few weeks like a few of the other girls," pretty much saying that she is not on All Stars. Now, she is supposedly in vacation in Brazil, but no pictures that we know of have arisen. She is still active on social media, but this could be someone running the accounts for her. However, she did post a selfie with Vicky Vox on 8/16, which Vicky was in San Francisco. If we can prove the selfie was taken that night, then she would be out. It is a stretch that she is on at this point, especially with the producers seemingly not taking an interest in queens from earlier seasons.
    Miss Fame - Has cancelled her Australian tour in August due to "last minute filming commitments".

    Possible contenders that have since been deconfirmed:
    Milk - Currently has a gig at the end of August in Mexico, I believe.
    Ben Delacreme - Still has gigs scheduled around the country for Terminally Delightful during the filming dates.
    Pearl - Has multiple gigs during the filming dates.
    Willam - Has been very vocal about the fact that she has not been asked.
    April Carrion - Still has a gig for August 26 in Indianapolis. As an Indiana person, I'll try to keep updated on that.
    Stacey Layne Matthews - Still has a gig for September 4 in Indianapolis.
    Trixie Mattel - Multiple gigs during filming.
    Morgan McMichaels - Currently has a gig in Nashville on 8/21.
    Gia Gunn - Current gig in Florida for 8/22
    Courtney Act - gigs August 18th, 19th and 20th, + with the Glamcocks at Burning Man September 2nd (Info by /u/LucTempest)
    Trinity K. Bonet - Pride gig with Yara Sofia on 8/15 and 8/16, which the queens were in LA by that point.
    Joslyn Fox - Has also had gigs
    Delta Work - Still has gigs, still active on social media, and Delta's posts are so obviously Delta.
    Laganja Estranja - A certain user emailed her manager asking to book her for September, and the manager replied she would not be available until around September 22. However, still active on social media after sequester, but she had someone run her accounts when she was on S6. Also has a gig on September 7, and most queens that we know are not returning until 9/11. However, she periscoped on the night of 8/16, which we believe confirms that she is out.

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    I'm so sad that Trinity isn't in it

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    If this is the cast I am not gonna complain. ROLASKATOX!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MinWoo View Post

    If this is the cast I am not gonna complain. ROLASKATOX!
    Werk at 5 queens from season 5 possibly being on. What a great season

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    I can't believe that Laganja is not in. Alaska, Adore and Alyssa top 3

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    Roxxxy and Detox could be easily replaced but I dont mind this cast. Will root for Alaska,Alyssa,Tati,Katya and PhiPhi though

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    Roxxy and Ginger for first outs pls.

    Most excited to see Alyssa, Phi Phi, Adore, and Alaska.

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    Yaaaaassss at Tati being in, i hope she makes it
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    Tati for the win. <3
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    I REALLY don't like the ROLASTASAHSAS thingy :/ There are more talented/interesting queens that can join.

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    Ginger instead of Pearl.

    I'm gonna flip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhale View Post
    Roxxy and Ginger for first outs pls.
    Yes please.

    Ugh I wanted Laganja to be in. I really wanted to see her in the show with her drag mother. Rooting for my girl Alyssa and for Katya.

    And why the hell did they not ask Willam?!

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    I'm actually... stoked that Roxxxy is on? Like yeah she was a bitch to Jinkx (and she apologised to her) but she turned out the challenges and slayed the runway. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkySan View Post
    I'm actually... stoked that Roxxxy is on? Like yeah she was a bitch to Jinkx (and she apologised to her) but she turned out the challenges and slayed the runway. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.
    This. If anyone's gonna get any sort of redemption arc, I'd much rather see it with Roxxxy rather than Phi Phi or Ginger. I'm already a fan of her drag and I could actually see her maturing.
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    tbh I'm kinda ready for the inevitable Tati/Phi Phi vs. everyone <3

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    Alaska/Alyssa/Tatianna are the ones I'm looking forward to seeing the most. <3
    I want Trinity in this season too but whatever.
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    Alaska, Alyssa & Adore for top 3. Triple A team yas

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