• 1 Girl 5 Gays: RTVG Edition Episode 4 (Holiday Special)

    1 Girl 5 Gays: RTVG Edition Episode 4 (Holiday Special)

    Girl: Aly
    Gays: Lumina (Matty), Estquer (Big Spencer),
    Eagle2ch (Toochy, ho), BottleItUp (Bootle, Baby Spencer), FierceIntensions (Olives), Lou (Lulu)

    Click here to listen.
    WARNING: adult content not suitable for youngins (I didn't edit the bad words out of this one :X)


    Note: FierceIntensions was in and out during the recording so he missed some of the questions.

    Since this is an hour long episode, here are the time stamps of the questions if anyone wants to jump around:

    1:39 Anal bleaching - is it in or out this fashion season?
    2:21 What are your plans for this Christmas and do you have any holiday traditions?
    5:39 Have you ever confronted someone on their homophobia?
    9:53 When you're on a porn site, what categories are you likely to pick?
    13:53 Describe your grindr picture.
    16:03 Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?
    16:53 Who on the panel would you trust the least with your boyfriend?
    18:30 Name a fictional person that you think would be good in bed.
    19:57 Have you ever dated someone that wanted to change you?
    21:33 What are you addicted to?
    23:19 Have you ever tasted your own semen?
    25:40 What do you prefer in bed - dirty talk, sweet talk, or no talk at all?
    29:24 Who on this panel do you think would get hit on most by girls?
    31:23 Do you guys have any New Years resolutions?
    34:39 What must you do before you are 30?
    37:08 Who is the kinkiest guy on the panel?
    38:24 When was the last time your masturbation was interrupted?
    40:28 Who on this panel would make the best date for the holidays to bring home to the family?
    41:58 Is there something sexual you would want to try with a woman?
    43:47 What is the most offensive gay stereotype?
    46:21 What Christmas present would you buy for the guy on your left?
    48:50 What are your thoughts on bisexuality?
    51:48 Matty asks everyone what is the hottest sex move.
    52:53 What's the furthest you've gone with someone in a movie theater?
    54:04 What is your favorite 2013 memory on RTVG and who is your favorite member of 2013?
    56:42 Have you ever or would you consider having Skype sex?
    58:30 Who on RTVG would you like to find under the mistletoe?